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Gianni Widmer Frontier Aviator PDF Stampa E-mail


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Gianni Widmer

Frontier Aviator

Gianni Widmer was born April 25th 1892, he attended the civil aviation academy of La Comina and achieved his pilot’s licence in June 1911 in Taliedo. Straight after that, despite his truly limited experience, he made the Grado-Trieste crossing attracting the general attention of the public at large. From that moment on his activities grew more and more: he played an active role in the Venice-Trieste flight, and again in 1911 he took part in the first international flying competition during the Austrian Aviation Week held in Wiener Neustadt.

In 1912 he carried out, perhaps the most sensational achievements of his career: the Trieste-Venice flight on the occasion of the official opening of Saint Marc’s rebuilt bell tower on the day of his 20th birthday. In the same year he made his first tour of the Balkans: he flew over Zara and Spalato, and then over Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo and finally he landed in Montenegro. In 1913 he wanted to make this lifelong dream come true and fly to Rome. Hindered by technical problems and bad weather, this raid could not be concluded. However, this helped Widmer to make himself known in several cities in the Romagna and Marche regions, as well as in the Republic of San Marino. Then, he took part in the Aviation Days in Naples, where now practically a famous and experienced aviator, he was one of the protagonists. Then he flew at the International Air Meet in Vienna to then fly over Zagreb and Cetinje in Montenegro. Finally, on 11th April 1914 he was successful in his dream of flying to Rome. His pioneering activities concluded with the last Air Meet in Vienna in 1914, which in fact concluded during the days of the assassination in Sarajevo.

252 pages, 149 photos colors and b&w.Format 17 x 24, hardback

Italian text with complete English translation.

Price € 25.00 + € 13.00 shipping

ISBN: 9788896944318

Published by Casanova Editore Faenza



Porto Corsini was an air naval base of Regia Marina and seat of a seaplanes squadron. In the last months of 1918 was U.S. Navy Naval Air Station the only acting in Italy.



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